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Re: [IP] The 508 Remote

My daughter is 8, and has a MM508, but does not use the remote right now.  The
remote can only do a bolus in .5 unit increments and Stephie's boluses are in .1
unit increments.  On the flip side, at her age, she doesn't really feel a need to
hide her pump.  Even with a dress on, she usually wears bike shorts underneath to
clip her pump to and will just pull up her dress to bolus! : )

Laurie, mom to Alexia (10) and Stephie (8, dx 8/98, pumping since 11/99)

>  I am really hesitant about using the remote.  I haven't used
> it yet, other than to practice to suspend.   How do I give a bolus with it?
> How can I practice on it without changing the bolus amounts?

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