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[IP] RE: other autoimmune disorders

Hi Diana -

I've been dealing (since Nov. last year) with bouts of thyroiditis - I had a
nuclear imaging scan done in January to check it out, the symptoms slowly
disappeared, and now I am starting to have problems with it again.  My endo
thinks it is because of an autoimmune reaction, that for some reason my bod
is saying to my thyroid 'Hey!  You don't belong here' and is thus causing it
to become inflamed and dump all of it's thyroid hormone at once.  Thyroid
problems are very inherent with diabetes.

I am also considering talking to my doc about MS - I don't know much about
it, but I seem to be having problems with my hands suddenly dropping
whatever they are holding, problems with gripping, etc.   which I've heard
can be related to MS (gee, thanks).  :)   So, I too would like to see
anyone's postings on the list regarding MS if anyone is dealing with it -
when I last talked to a good friend who works as a nurse back home, she said
that she has heard of correlations with patients who have diabetes
developing MS, and that I should get it checked out.  Anyone?

Dawn  email @ redacted

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