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[IP] basal rates/kids

Wow. Your kids are so different from Kevin. He is now 12, and his insulin 
needs have actually decreased. 

His basals are .3 most of the day, and alternating .1 and .2 during the 
night. His total is only 6.1 and ratios are 12:1 breakfast, 20:1 lunch and 
dinner. When he first started the pump he has basals closer to .4 and .5! I'm 
amazed at some of the kids his age and their insulin needs. Kevin is now 5'3" 
and 102 lbs. (last year, he was 20 lbs heavier when he started the pump...so 
I think that changes things a LOT!)

I guess it is true that YMMV!

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping for 11 months!
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