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[IP] takes on diff. infusion sets/pump probs

Ok...this is just my input
 1. Richard--infusion sets..ok, I used bent needles
and I had folks call me crazy for trying them...I did
use a week or two's worth and switch b/c the needle
irritated my skin. I DID switch to rapids, so I do
still have a needle in me, but not in so far as the
bent needles--my point, EVERYONE is different. Some
people swear by cannulas, some are scared to death by
the lenght of the sil, others prefer the benefits that
needles have to offer (and yes, there are several
benefits). So anyone considering bent needles,
personally I'd suggest rapids from my own experiences,
but the bent needles DO disconnect and they are from
MM (MM & D in my own experience make it hell for you
to have a pump from one company and to order infusion
sets from another)...but anyway, no one who tries bent
needles (or any other needle sets) is crazy, in fact,
they may be best for the person.
 2. Pump problems--YMMV, but do NOT base your choice
on what you hear from other folk's about probs, I got
myself into that triangle, and it was not fun, but in
the end I threw out the crap I'd heard from other
folks. I still have people who think "you shouldn't
have gotten a MM" but to me that is crap, just my
opinion (no I'm not pmsing) but everyone IS different
so either way you go, is correct--it's what is most
important to you that matters, NOT the huge pump war
 Everyone is an individual and has the right to freely
choose whatever sets/pump he wants without getting an
earfull from a competitor, and while the best thing is
to ask others, you have to remember that we are
humans, and what one person says may not be the same
for you, and to base choices on what is best for you.

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