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[IP] Kid's basal rates

We did some pretty careful basal rate testing when Jenna started back into
the dusk phenomenon (it was gone for almost a year), so I feel pretty
confident that it's real, and not just a supper ratio.  Now, if she has a
high fat supper, that will also raise basals around 11-12 at night, but we
didn't do basal rate testing on those kind of days.

I do think the lower rate between 10-12 in the morning has a lot to do with
the fact that she does her biggest boluses for breakfast, and there is a
"tail" to her H/V mix both from the H, but especially the V, that is still
working after the breakfast carbs are long gone.  But, you've got to do what
you've got to do, and it works for her.


<<I am wondering though, if the need for .7 at night is for 'dusk
phenom.'...or is it food related as my endo and team says.  I have observed
on occasion when geneva eats lowfat dinners and no bedtime snacks that she
tends to be right around 140 during that time as opposed to 200's.

another thing...could the lower basal at 10 am, 11 am  (in jenna's case,
.4)   be attributed to her 1:10 carb ratio?>>

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