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[IP] Re: Bolus changes causing problems

Recently Stacy related:

>I don't know if anyone recalls this, but my dr/CDE suggested I change my 
>bolus from 15:1 to 10:1 based on 2 hr PP readings.  Well I did it and I am 
>now either 46 or 300....  I mentioned 
>the 2 hr pp vs 4 hr pp to my cde, and she wasn't buying what I was trying 
>to tell her.
>Any suggestions???

Well, I can think of a couple. (A) Change your bolus back to what you think
works better. It's your body, not your CDE's. She's an educated advisor, but
it's TOTALLY LEGAL for you to change anything you want to! She may think
you're crazy or ignorant, but if so, then (2) change your CDE. That's legal,
too. It may not be practical in your case, so you may have to keep her, and
just argue with her at every office visit. I'm lucky to have an endo who
lets me work out my own therapy, and just advises (sometimes strongly, I
admit) and suggests. But not everyone is that lucky.

BTW: perhaps it was just too big a jump from 15:1 to 10:1. Why not try 12:1
or 13:1 for a few days?

--Keith Johnson
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