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Re: [IP] The 508 Remote

I have been using the remote daily.  Many times I do not take the pump out
of my pocket at all during the day.  If you want to play with the remote
changing boluses.  Press ACT to get the attention of the pump. Push set
until you reach the desired bolus.  Press ACT so it plays back to you to
confirm the amount of the bolus.  AS LONG AS YOU ARE PRACTICING DO NOT PUSH

Even if you were to push ACT the second time and the bolus started,
immediately push ACT, STOP, ACT to cancel it.

I wish we could get every insulin dependent Diabetic on a pump, or at least
those that do want one.  I have not really had any real problems but I
wonder how great I would be if I could have had a pump through High School.
Natalie is very lucky in my eyes.  Good Luck to both of you.

Tom Carlson, Dm  33 years, pumping 4 months

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>Well we finally got our 508.  It is teal green and Natalie who is 2 loves
>as much as a two year old can.  She calles it her "pager."  I do have a
>question about the remote.  I watched the video and read the manual, but I
>still confused.  I am really hesitant about using the remote.  I haven't
>it yet, other than to practice to suspend.   How do I give a bolus with it?
>How can I practice on it without changing the bolus amounts?

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