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[IP] Summer/too much insulin


about four months ago, geneva also was requiring a total of about  38 as
opposed to 26-28.  this would last about a week or so.  then it changed.

she was constantly grazing, starving.  growth seemed to be the end result.
her shoe size and weight increased alot.

this was when she was about 10 1/2 also.  just turned 11 in  march.

we are all in for some trying times here during puberty.  I have my "grain
of salt hat" on.


> Summer's endo. says she's not on too much insulin, tho I feel she is.  She
> totals around 50 units a day, sometimes higher.  Her basals are M-2am/.6,
> 3-6a/.8, 6a-9p/1, 9-M/1.2.  She is 5ft2in and weighs 104 (size 9 woman's
> shoe).  But Michael said Lily did this for awhile as well

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