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[IP] Re: (bent needles) infusion sets

>Subject: Re:  [IP] Infusion sets

The pain we'll endure and the sacrifices we'll make to use the pump are a
source of fascination to me.  I mean no personal denigration in my opinion
of bent needles
Quoting an user experienced only with bent needles and not

>I have been using bent needles for 4.5 years.
>I have never tried any of the newer
>infusion sets because I don't have any complaints about the bent needles.>

He's grown accustomed to them.  A human can probably get used to most

I used bent needles for two weeks of misery (when I first started).  I never
got to not perceiving them, nor overcoming the pain I felt when something
brushed against the site.  I considered not using the pump because of them.
Maybe I'm just a wuss...

And there's twice the labor and materials involved and multiple square
inches more surgical dressing with bent needles than than using teflon

Here's a comparison of bent vs. tenders protocols:

1)  surgically soap the area

2)  wipe skin with IV prep.

3)  Insert tender or bent needle.

(tenders users stop here)  Bent needle users continue with protocol

4)  apply a piece of 3M Transpore tape (1 inch width) over the
>site where the bent needle enters the skin.

5)  make a 270 degree loop in
the tubing and secure it with another piece of Transpore tape.

6)  apply
two layers of Smith & Nephew IV 3000 dressing.

Funny that neither MM nor D pump pages have a photo of an actual bent needle

>The Quick Release makes it easy to shower

But leaves the user dangling a pony-tail from his infusion site.  :-(

IMO, only reason to use bent-needle Vs. sils is price difference:  $7.50
(including additional dressings) bent Vs. $9.50 sils.  'course, if sils can
last a day or two longer, and I think they can, costs are equivalent.

'been there and done both.

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