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[IP] pump problems?

Kathy wrote
>  i have heard so many problems with the mini med pumps over the past 
>  three weeks or so i am glad that my daughter has disetronic pumps. 

ony cuz more people on the list have MNMD than Dis.  MNMD is the market 
leader in the US.  Plus people ALWAYS complain when there is a 
problem....When things are fine, we don't complain about it...at least i 
don't.  I have used a MNMD for 7 1/2 years and the only problems I have ever 
had were resolved almost immediately, and were USUALLY user error, as most 
problems with mechanical devices tend to be....

Who CARES what kind of pump one has!  it is the fact that we have them and 
are able to use them, despite some of the so-called medical professionals 
best intentions to keep us in the dark ages - Stacy RE your 2 hr pp - tell 
your CDE and doc to stick it!  go back to what was working for you before you 
changed it.  

Sara, who will go back to injections when they pry this puppy out of my cold 
dead fingers

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