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[IP] bent needle

Angie wrote
>  I was wondering if anyone uses the bent needle sets?  

I did for the first 4 years of pumping.  now i use the Tender/sil.  I LOVED 
the bent needle.  if you pulled it out a little by accident, yo could mush it 
back in and tape it back down again instead of having to redo an entire set.  
and in a PINCH, if you were out and about and you accifdently ripped it out, 
you COULD just push it backin again somewhere else...

It never bothered me in working out, sit ups etc., and the polyskin tended to 
stick to me pretty well...

They say it is good for thinner people i guess, cuz you can adjust the angle, 
but i am not thin and it worked great for me.  I did have a problem if I used 
it in a LESS padded area....likemy ribs...i could feel the needle poking me.  
it is NOT a long needle, maybe it was mental, but i am sure I felt it poking 
my rib bone!!

I switched to the T/S/C cuz of the disconnect.  I hated putting my pump in a 
baggie to take a shower!!!  sometimes i take REALLY fast showers and need to 
be able to move in all directions quickly....and taking a bath with it 
balanced o the edge, worried it might fall in....phoeeeey!!!  

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