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[IP] Timezones and Daylight Savings

SaraMG wrote:
>  How do yall (particularly those with variable basals 
>  patterns) deal with jet lag... and other time changes?  
> Just reset the clock on the pump and do a few extra 
> checks that day?  What about diet?

yes...change the pump when I get there, or if there is a midway stop, change 
to THAT time zone then, and the destination one when I arrive.  yes, check 
often, but ONLY correct conservatively....travling has no affect on how I 
pump for diet.  I still check before I eat, whether I am eating dinner at 5 
pm or 10pm or 3am...check, blus for the carbs, chck later to see if I figured 
right...fix if necessary, eat more if necessary or desired..

Sara, who travels a LOT
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