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Re: [IP] The 508 Remote

I just started practicing with my remote as the JDF gala is coming up and I 
think I want to "hide" the pump (even though I KNOW i'm gonna be showing it 
off to everyone who has known me all my life) under my clothes... The first 
time I tried the remote I was sure it was broken.  I thought it was used the 
same way that audio bolusing was, by pressing the BOLUS (I think thats what 
it says on the button) buttton in increments as you have set for audio bolus 
- i.e.  mine is set for.5 increments so I push it 5 times for 2.5 units.- but 
it turns out that what you need to do (and I've used it a few times 
successfully now) is:

Press and hold down the ACT(ivate) button for at least 5 seconds or so until 
it beeps (or vibrates if that is how you have it set) 
Then press the BOL(us) button as many times as you need to deliver your 
desired dosage.
The pump will vibrate of beep as you press the buttons.
Then press ACT(ivate) and the pump will vibrate or beep back just like it 
does with audio bolus.
At this point you still have not delivered insulin in case you made a mistake.
After it repeats the number of beeps to you, and  you are ready to deliver...y
ou press ACT(ivate) again to deliver.

Good luck!!!
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