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[IP] Prinivil-preventative med?

 I've been on Prinivil since January of this year...... My blood pressure 
readings have been fine, but I'm taking it for the
 same reason you are - kidney protection.>>

Dear fellow pumpers,

Is it a common practice to give ace inhibitors to prevent diabetes 
complications?  My dad has hypertension induced renal failure & is on 
dialysis...he's so miserable.  My endo thinks I'm a little obsessed with my 
kidney fx tests....I want my urine dipped for microalbumin every 3 months.  
He thinks once a year is sufficient but complies with my requests.  My blood 
pressure is edging up & ocular pressure is also increasing.  My Dad has 
glaucoma and they believe I'm heading that way too.  Does anyone know if 
Prinivil or the likes would help?
My father's renal Dr. was the one who encouraged me to test regularly for 
microalbuminuria, because he said with ace inhibitors he has seen a reversal 
and "cure" to renal failure if caught early enough.


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