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[IP] Pregnancy & Diabetes/islet cell study

 "- -Dee Dee wrote: 
 I am interested in hearing of everyones experience with their pregnancies
 and  having type 1 diabetes.  How many of you that have diabetes have 
 that have gotten the disease as well?  ......  So that makes my children
 have a 2% chance.  Has anyone else ever heard this?  
Hi Dee,

My 2nd baby (boy) was 9#1oz born at 38 weeks gestation.  I had "borderline" 
gestational diabetes, managed by diet with that pregnancy.  My 3rd and last 
pregnancy was a "doosie".  I was hospitalized with premature labor at 27 
weeks, & went into DKA.  Remained hospitalized on bedrest  in a high risk 
perinatal unit for 9 weeks, until Jonathan was born 4 weeks early, weighing 
8# 8 oz. He looked so funny in the incubator in NICU with all those tiny 
little preemies.  My blood sugars went back to normal for about 1-1/2 years, 
then DM returned after a bout with the flu.  I've had no islet cell function 
since that time.

In January I had my 3 biological children tested in the" islet cell antibody 
study" and they have all tested negative. Praise the Lord!   However  I will 
have them retested yearly for the antibody that causes Type I.   The hope is 
to catch it before the antibody destroys all their islet cells.

dx'd in 1995 at 35 yrs., pumping MM508 since 11/99
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