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[IP] To Babs, re: getting Dr. to allow pump.

Babs wrote...<<  So, I saw him today.  He's not against me getting a pump but 
he said he doesn't know how he can justify someone in such good control ( 
last Ha1c 6.6) getting a pump.  I told him I was trying to avoid long  term 
complications and even though my HA1C is good I still can go from 55-300 and 
back all in one day.   He said he would call some of his endo friends and see 
if they could help him justify it.  I'm hopeful but frustrated.  Is  there 
anyone out there who was in good control and got a pump and can help me with 
some of the benefits?  I have no complications other that slight high blood 
pressure.  I have no symptoms of lows.  My CDE was gone for the day by the 
time I was finished with the DR.  She may be able to help too.
Dear Babs,

I was in very good control prepump according to my A1C's. with no 
complications thus far except for increased ocular pressure (suspicious for 
glaucoma, which my father has)  My a1c's have always been 6.5 or 
less...actually 6.5 has been my highest both pre and post pump. Pre-pump they 
hovered around 5.8.  In my opinion:) the pump is the best technology thus far 
in keeping our bodies at as "normal" a blood glucose at we can get. 
Pre-pump,  I had had two minor auto accidents, the last however caused 
several thousand dollars worth of damage to our van because my BG dropped 
while driving.  My 4 children were in the car with the last accident. My 
daily numbers were running between 50 (or lower) to 400 + , and even though 
my A1C's were great, they did not reflect the high's and lows  which were 
driving me crazy throughout the day... Not to mention what it was doing to my 
brain.    Emotionally, I was a wreck going up and down all day....my family 
likes me much better now that I'm on the pump :) 

I still have my days when I'm up and down but it's usually because I'm not 
eating "properly" or I'm not covering what I'm eating properly or PMS which I 
increase my basals for.  I love my MM 508 and hope to never need to return to 
MDI.    I also love this list! (If you glean from this list, please don't 
forget financial donations to Insulin Pumpers.)

If you have BG's in the 50's to 300's that's not good control regardless of 
what your A1C's  are.  You have probably gotten so accustomed to the levels 
that you don't even feel them.  The 50's are probably affecting you and you 
don't realize it.  Your brain needs balance and fuel.

I wish you well in your attempts to get a pump.  I would really push your Dr. 
He sounds like he would work with you considering his respect for your 
opinion in the past in regards to your care.  Don't give up.  I told my endo 
I wanted a pump and gave him the above reasons and he had no problem with it. 
I wasn't going to take" no" for an answer.   Unless you've lived with DM, you 
really don't have a clue what it's like to be a slave to food, time 
schedules, MDI, etc.

Someone on this list recently shared her observation that have diabetes is 
like having an extra child to care for. That expressed so clearly how I feel 
having DM.   It requires a lot of work and diligence. 

Liz,  mom (&wife)to 4 children plus one additional called Diabetes.
Dx'd Type 1 at 35Yrs., (1995), pumping since Nov.99
see our adoption story at http://www.cwa.org/yost.html

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