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[IP] The 508 Remote

Well we finally got our 508.  It is teal green and Natalie who is 2 loves it 
as much as a two year old can.  She calles it her "pager."  I do have a 
question about the remote.  I watched the video and read the manual, but I am 
still confused.  I am really hesitant about using the remote.  I haven't used 
it yet, other than to practice to suspend.   How do I give a bolus with it?  
How can I practice on it without changing the bolus amounts? 

Oh here is a funny...When Natalie rolls over at night and the pump gets in 
her way (she wears it in a pouch called Waist-It) she wakes up and yells, 
pump!! pump!!  So I go to her in her crib and turn it around so she can go 
back to sleep and she usually does.  It's just so funny to hear her say that. 
 Everyday new things are happening and she is discovering what life is like 
with a pump.
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