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Re: [IP] Infusion sets

>I was wondering if anyone uses the bent needle sets?  Does the needle stay
>in when worn?  I've never heard anyone talk about using this type of
>infusion sets, are they designed for a specific user.

I have been using bent needles for 4.5 years. Before inserting the needle I
wipe the area with an IV Prep pad. They are made by Smith & Nephew and
should be available from wherever you get the rest of your pump supplies.
The IV Prep is antiseptic, and perhaps more important, provides a sticky
material that makes the tape stick to the skin much better. After inserting
the bent needle I apply a piece of 3M Transpore tape (1 inch width) over the
site where the bent needle enters the skin. Then I make a 270 degree loop in
the tubing and secure it with another piece of Transpore tape. Then I apply
two layers of Smith & Nephew IV 3000 dressing. That keeps the needle in
place through 30-mile bicycle rides in temperatures up to 95 F. Sweat is
probably less of a problem for me than most other pumpers because of the
relatively low humidity where I live. I have never tried any of the newer
infusion sets because I don't have any complaints about the bent needles.
The Quick Release makes it easy to shower after a ride. I usually change
infusion sets every 2-3 days.
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