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[IP] Bad to worse - Bolus change revisited

I don't know if anyone recalls this, but my dr/CDE suggested I change my bolus from 15:1 to 10:1 based on 2 hr PP readings.  Well I did it and I am now either 46 or 300.  I have averaged about 2 of each of these readings every day since I changed my dosing.  The 300's are resistant highs too.  IE, after a 4.0 shot of insulin (yes with a needle), 1 hr later, 13 point drop.  after another 4 Units, about 6 hrs later I will crash.  I mentioned the 2 hr pp vs 4 hr pp to my cde, and she wasn't buying what I was trying to tell her.  how do you know when the unused insulin is causing problems?  My sugars have stunk completely and consistently since I started following this advice.  Single caveat:  I have also been having allergy symptoms, but as my drainage is still clear, I don't think it would affect my bgs, as it never did before.

Any suggestions???

very tired of the mettalic mouth feeling,
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