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[IP] Jenna's Basal/geneva

thanks nancy...I see a remarkably similar pattern with geneva.  in
fact...that 10, 11 PM   increase is exactly the same time that geneva seems
to need an increase.  also..at 10 am at school she tends to drop.

I am wondering though, if the need for .7 at night is for 'dusk
phenom.'...or is it food related as my endo and team says.  I have observed
on occasion when geneva eats lowfat dinners and no bedtime snacks that she
tends to be right around 140 during that time as opposed to 200's.

another thing...could the lower basal at 10 am, 11 am  (in jenna's case,
.4)   be attributed to her 1:10 carb ratio?

I know that geneva tried a 1:20 carb ratio for breakfast yesterday and she
went from 149 to 106 in an hour after breakfast. she has been on 1:25 for
breakfast but the team said to try a lower one.  they are looking at her
weight > 90,  and say she should be around 1:19 for carb ratio.  all this
time we have been using 1:25 ,  1:30,  1;35.

geneva spent the night at friend's last night so I sent her on her way with
a .6 from 8 pm until 2 am.  curious as to what happened this a.m.  the night
prior I had her at .5 (per endo suggestion) and I tested every two hours.
she hovered around 200 and by wake up was 146.  this was with a dinner of
RICE and veggies.

thanks again to jean for your basal input!

mom to just turned 11 geneva.  whose A1C came in at 7.6 again this week.

> >Jenna is officially 11 now - yesterday was her birthday.  She's a little
> >smaller than Geneva - 74#, 4'6" tall.
> >MN-3 am 0.3 units/hr
> >3-4 am - 0.4 units/hr
> >4-10 am -  0.5 units/hr
> >10 am-12 pm - 0.4 units/hr
> >12-10 pm - 0.5 units/hr
> >10 pm-12 am - 0.7 units/hr
> >
> >She uses 1:10 for breakfast and lunch on school days, 1:12 on weekends
> >She uses 1:15 for all snacks and supper.

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