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[IP] Pregnancy and diabetes/ Big Babies

To Dee Dee and All,

I had early (8wk) babies one being 6lb2oz, the other 7lb,1oz.  I know that
diabetes can travel in families, my father has type one, on my mothers side
a great-grandmother had type 2, but I have 2cousins, one 2nd cousin with
diabetes(all on mom's side) none of my children ages 11 and 5, and neither
brother or sister on my dad's side. So it can happen but does it at random.
Doc, told us my daughter had a 5% chance, never heard of any numbers on my


-Dee Dee wrote:

I am interested in hearing of everyones experience with their pregnancies
having type 1 diabetes.  How many of you that have diabetes have children
that have gotten the disease as well?  ......  So that makes my children
have a 2% chance.  Has anyone else ever heard this?  I've also heard many
wives tales that mothers give it to sons and fathers pass it to
daughters????  I am the only person in my family that anyone knows of ever
having the disease for as long back as we can go.  There is no diabetes on
my husbands side either.

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