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[IP] Book Comments Please - Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (Dr. Edelman)

I was think about ordering the book Taking Control of
Your Diabetes by Dr. Steve Edelman. It is described
below. Has anyone read it? Comments would be greatly

I could only find it on his web site
http://www.tcoyd.com/main.html The book store and
amazon.com didn't have a copy.

        PS. I also heard that the new edition of
Pumping Insulin would be available next month. The
release was delayed because a section for children is
being added. Has anyone heard any different? The
information provided in the first edition changed my
life! Could it possibly get better? 
 Taking Control of Your Diabetes is a truly unique new
book that will educate and enlighten you on how to
 happier and healthier with diabetes. The author,
Steven V. Edelman, M.D., is not only a physician who
cares for
  people with diabetes but has lived with this disease
for 30 years. Through humor, case presentations, and a
 down-to-earth writing style, Taking Control of Your
Diabetes will not only educate you, but more
importantly it
 will inspire and motivate you to become the most
active member of your health-care team. Now is the
first day of
 the rest of your diabetic life. It is never too late
to Take Control of Your Diabetes... and you owe it to
yourself and to your loved ones.

Book price: $17.00
includes applicable tax, shipping and handling        

                Call Taking Control of Your Diabetes
to place your order.

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