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[IP] New to the list and pumps.

Hello Gang--

I am brand new to this list and also to insulin pump use.  I sure do
have a lot to learn and my hope is I will gather useful information on
this list.  Right now since I am so new to the pump I really do not know
enough to ask the proper questions. Its only been two days and I am
essatic over the use of the pump.  Its seems too easy as compared to the
3-4 injections a day in the past.  I was having way to many highs and
lows.  The only time I could eat even a light meal would be after a
Humalog injection.  I would either wake up at 2:00a with a low or at
7:00 with a high.  I just couldn't nail it.  Weekends when I would want
to get out and do a long bike ride I would need to plan my mornimg
injection to coincide with my expected activities for that day.  It was
really tuff and many times very frustrating.  My hopes are that with
this pump I am able to do more spur of the moment type activites.

I could go on but I afraid this thread is long enough.  I would
appreciate any comments or suggestions.

BTW--Do we have any other list members in the Southern, NJ or
Philadelphia, PA vicinity?  E-mail off list if you would.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Capozzoli  Woodbury, NJ
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