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Re: [IP] Help- pumpers

> He's not against me getting a pump but 
> he said he doesn't know how he can justify 
> someone in such good control ( last Ha1c 
> 6.6) getting a pump.  I told him I was 
> trying to avoid long term complications 
> and even though my HA1C is good I still 
> can go from 55-300 and back all in one 
> day.  
I read the "Medicare guidelines for pump coverage" and 
had to stare in disbelief when I saw the "requirements" 
for authorizing pump coverage.  

To synopsize: "You must be exercising tight control but 
be very bad at it."

Excuse me?  Who comes up with this?  Okay I can KIND OF 
see the "leave well enough alone" approach being taken 
here... but damn... If someone told ME that I was too 
good at maintaining MDI control to be "worth" putting on 
a pump, I'd sooner reduce my insulin intake and let my 
A1C climb long enough to beat the system at its own 
game, but I shouldn't HAVE to.

Argh... medical insurance... I just don't know 

-Sara G.

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