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Re: [IP] untreated water

Pam Wellin <email @ redacted> wrote:

> What assurances do we have that Coke and PepsiCo use "good"  water?

The water used is purified by filtration and deionization prior to bottling.  BTW, the syrup and the water are added to the bottle/can separately, and then mixed.  The last step is to add the carbonation before the container is sealed.

And Jan H. wrote:

> So do I plug up my well and buy bottled water? What assurance do we have
> that bottled water is *good*?

There is no guarantee that bottled water is any safer.  

For those on a well, there are other questions: is the well deep or shallow; near streams or not; etc.  If there's any possibility that the water might be from a contaminated ground source, then one can get chlorination equipment for a home well.  My niece in Mohamet, Illinois has such a device on her well.

Since this really isn't pump or DM related, this will be my last post on this topic, but I will add that there is a difference between water that is unpleasant to drink because of minerals, etc. that are dissolved in it, and water that is unsafe to drink.  

RoseLea, if there is a problem with your water supply, then I encourage you to contact your local or state public health department.  If that doesn't work, let me know, and I'll get you the telephone number of the federal resource to contact.  In the United States, there is no excuse for an unsafe water supply . . . and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the *LAW*.  If your water utility cannot guarantee safe water, then they are obligated to provide bottled water for consumption.

Jim Handsfield
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