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[IP] Help- pumpers

I have been a well controled MDI for 35 years.  I wasn't really interested in a pump till about a month ago when a diabetic friend told me she was getting one and gave me the minimed video and info.  I started reading the pumpers digest about 3 weeks ago.  I live in a small town of 12,000.  The closest endo is 200
miles away.  I have gone to the same internal medicine physician for 20 years.  He has been very supportive and helpful but, I pretty much tell him what I want to do.  Ther is an excellant CDE in town who helped me through 2 preganancies.  So, here's my problem.  I'm testing a pump right now.  I had minimed send
the physicians letter to my Dr.  He had his nurse call and say he wanted to talk to me before I got a pump. So, I saw him today.  He's not against me getting a pump but he said he doesn't know how he can justify someone in such good control ( last Ha1c 6.6) getting a pump.  I told him I was trying to avoid long
term complications and even though my HA1C is good I still can go from 55-300 and back all in one day.  I told him that there are endos who believe that anyone on insulin should be on a pump.  He said he would call some of his endo friends and see if they could help him justify it.  I'm hopeful but frustrated.  Is
there anyone out there who was in good control and got a pump and can help me with some of the benefits?  I have no complications other that slight high blood pressure.  I have no symptoms of lows.  My CDE was gone for the day by the time I was finished with the DR.  She may be able to help too.



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