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[IP] setting temp basal rates for work

Hi Everyone,
Well I finally finished my a.m. fasting basal testing and thank goodness.
But now I have to try do what my CDE suggested and I'm trying to think of an
easier way.  I have the 507C and I have more than one set of basal patterns
and now it seems I would be using three.  One for when I am at work, one
when at home and one for PMS times.  I know that the 508 has a feature that
you can set more than one basal pattern and would love to speak to anyone
who has more than one pattern like me.
I consistently run low when I am at work(working too hard, I guess!) and
they want me to start a temp basal rate one hour before I go to work,  .2
lower than the actual basal rate for that time period.  I looked at my
schedule for this week and some days it looks like I will have three basal
changes for the time I am at work,  now if I can remember to change them all
the time it will be a miracle.  I have my tone set to two and sometimes I
don't hear it, I work at a grocery store and you know how loud they can be
at different times of the day.
If anyone has any ideas on how to make this easier I would love the
dx'd 3/85 pumping since 4/20/99

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