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[IP] Soda Debate

Okay folks, I got 2 phone calls from Coke today. Basically it was 2 different
people telling me the same thing. They sent people out to the 2 restaurants
that I mentioned in my letter (BK and Church's). The BK manager remembered
us and when the Coke folks checked their machines, they were hooked up
properly, at that time. The Church's people didn't have a clue. Anyway,
they said they would be doing an educational session type thing with
all of the employees of both restaurants about the potential health dangers
of receiving the wrong soda. They also said that they were working on
materials to send to all the restaurants in this area that carry their
products. Personally, I think that material should go to everyone EVERYWHERE
that carries their products, but it's a step. I was also told that they
are going to research changing the canisters/hoses/taps so that they
cannot be hooked up wrong. Pretty cool.
I still haven't heard word one from Pepsi or any other restaurants other
than Subway. Has anyone else?
Just wanted to keep ya'll informed.

Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever
oh, btw, I also emailed Dateline NBC (email @ redacted) in addition to

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