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Re: [IP] Eve on the Continuous Glucose Monitor


Have her wear a two piece outfit, not a dress.  Jeans or shorts and a top.  
It will be easier for it to be put on.  It is just slightly bigger than a 
pump and the electronic wire is gray but is also similarly flexible as a 
piece of tubing.  I was on the monitor April 3-6th.  The CDE/RN at the dr. 
office inserted the sensor.  It was similar to a silhouette (Not a Soft Set) 
but just a smidgen bigger.  She put mine in my midriff area.  I remember a 
stick but she was good and it did not hurt too bad.  She said she needed a 
place that I had not used with an insulin set for two to three days.

The monitor goes on, is started and counts down 60 minutes.  At the end of 
the 60 minutes Eve would test and enter her blood sugar into the machine.  
This is the official start of the 72 hours.  I was told something to the 
effect that the machine needs this time to know that particular patient.  I 
live in St. Louis and made the mistake of not leaving enough time between my 
appointment and another commitment and basically had to stop the car, pull 
over to test and enter the data into the machine to get the 72 hours started. 
 If I would have known I would have planned more time between these two 
commitments so I would not have had to stop and get off of the highway to 

 Now I have an incredible allergy to tape.  Hard to believe from someone who 
has been on a pump for over 16 years but until I found out about IV Prep 
pads, just because of the red itchy blisters I always got apparently from the 
friction of the hard plastic part of the set touching my skin, I always had 
to completely change the sets every two days.  I also rarely took a shower 
between sets because if water would get on the tape the set would have to be 
changed within 6 hours or so or I would get a blister.  I took a lot of 
sponge baths or a shallow bath on alternate days.  My CDE/RN was instructed 
NOT to use IV Prep Pads.  At about 48 hours it started itching.

It was only on for about 51 hours before I started to get an alarm that 
basically said that the set wasn't getting good readings anymore.  Since it 
was almost 9 PM when I got the third alarm, I called the Minimed hotline and 
someone called me back about 20 minutes later.  She walked me through how to 
properly turn the machine off so as not to lose data and told me to take it 

Because of the itching I was concerned about not being on the CBGM the full 
72 hours but was relieved I was being told to take it off.  I did have a 
blister under the set which I put neosporin on (no Band-Aid) and it was gone 
in about 36 hours. I was also happily surprised that it did not bleed any 
more than a normal infusion set.  When I looked at the fine (for lack of a 
better word I'll use) needle, it appeared to me that my blood had dried and 
possibly clogged it so fresh blood could not reach the electronic wire to be 

The 50-51 hours was enough to give my doctor some valuable information.  #1 
some basal adjustments have been made, my carb to insulin ratio has been 
dropped from 15 carbs to 1 unit to 12 to 1 at lunch and supper, and my 
sliding scale adjustment scale proved out to be working FINE as my doctor 
told me.  The biggest adjustment is in how I am taking my bolus doses.  
Basically ever since the doctors switched me to Humalog from Velosulin I have 
been riding a rollercoaster.  My doctors have not been as concerned as I have 
because they say they are still in moderate ranges but I figure that if I 
want tight control, I want better than this.  Now I am to count the carbs, 
calculate the insulin with the new ratios and take the insulin as a square 
wave bolus over 30 minutes rather than NOW as a normal bolus.  The next two 
weeks will tell me if it was all worth it.  Right now I believe so but time 
will tell.

I was given Shower packs made by Minimed to use while I was on the monitor.  
Just like the pump, it cannot get wet.

Good luck!
Carole Hermann
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