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[IP] retinopathy

Kelly, I have had retinopathy for at least 15  years and it has never caused
any pain. My first symptoms were the appearance of floaters, kept thinking
there were cobwebs on the walls. Then I noticed a decrease in my night vision.
I have always kept up with my yearly eye check ups and then my 6 month eye
checks. My retinopathy progressed very rapidly within a 6 month period. I then
started the laser treatments, 12 total. It was painful to an extent, but not
unbearable. Since I didn't have pain before, they didn't feel better after.
They were a little tender and red, and more sensitive to light for a few weeks
though. I definetly suggest you get to an eye Dr immediately though! It could
be many of a number of things, none of which you should take a chance with! My
husband waited so long to get his eyes checked for glaucoma, that by the time
he did, he lost vision that will never be regained! Maybe there is a "Lions
Club" near you? They pay for eye exams and glasses for those in need. Good
luck, Hope it turns out to be nothing! Denise

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