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Laura wrote:

>>I would certainly agree with the above. However RoseLea's point about
"other" contaminants is valid. Here in the midwest there are often
significant levels of nitrates in public water supplies and wells (from
farm run-off, erosion, etc). Sometimes the levels are so high that
certain groups of people (ex. pregnant women, people with chronic
diseases) are urged not to drink the water. <<

Yes, and here in the spring of the year, the villages who take their water
from our nearby river usually end up boiling their water for a few days, I
think because the bacteria levels in the river rise at that time of year and
they can't treat the water sufficiently at their water treatment plants,
somehow the balance gets off.  Yes, and a lot of them have nitrite warnings
since there's a lot of runoff from farm fields into the river.  We don't
have THAT problem, since our water supply is well-fed, but alas, we live in
a sulfur belt and that doesn't make for a pleasant water supply.

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