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[IP] Saline

Jim S. wrote:
> I started out with saline and DID NOT use it very long.  For me, every time I
> would bolus (don't remember about the basal) it would sting.  Ever get salt on
> an open cut or sore?
> Personally my week of saline lasted about 2 days.....

I'm not sure mine even lasted 2 days -- I couldn't stand pumping saline
AND shooting with needles!!!!  

But I really think it depends on the individual. Some people really need
to be able to experiment with the pump without fear of an overdose of
insulin. And since setting basals can be trying, as well, I can see the
reason for saline.

An alternative for someone who wants to see what life with a pump is
like, is to cut the cannula off the set and just tape it to the skin
without penetration -- figure out where to put the pump and play with
the buttons to your heart's content!

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