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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #101


At 09:45 AM 4/14/00 , email @ redacted wrote:

>Jim S.
>I can understand and glad that this one time you had regular soda instead 
>of the diet, but there have been many times when I have gone to the McD's 
>or BK with my kids ordered 2 reg. soda's or my non-diabetic kids and then 
>a diet for my diabetic 9 year old son, and tasted all soda and they were 
>all the same, (Regular Soda), I dont know if it is on the part of the 
>person working the drive-thru window or the person behind the counter when 
>we have gone inside, or if they didnt connect the hoses correctly, but 
>there is no reason for it, It should not be tollerated by any means. If my 
>son has a low Bgs. then I will order him a regular soda, to go along with 
>his cheeseburger.

If it was not diet, it contributed to my being in a very bad situation.  I 
was definitely going into DKA (if I wasn't already) and that could have 
killed me.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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