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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #101

Jim S.

I can understand and glad that this one time you had regular soda instead of 
the diet, but there have been many times when I have gone to the McD's or BK 
with my kids ordered 2 reg. soda's or my non-diabetic kids and then a diet 
for my diabetic 9 year old son, and tasted all soda and they were all the 
same, (Regular Soda), I dont know if it is on the part of the person working 
the drive-thru window or the person behind the counter when we have gone 
inside, or if they didnt connect the hoses correctly, but there is no reason 
for it, It should not be tollerated by any means. If my son has a low Bgs. 
then I will order him a regular soda, to go along with his cheeseburger.  

On another matter, I feel that the nutritional values at these fast food 
restuarants should be readily available and we shouldnt have to ask for them, 
then it is a search mission for the person behind the counter to find on, and 
I am sure,(it has happened to me) that the employee was just to lazy to find 
one, telling us they were out of them at the time... yeah yeah yeah
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