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>Believe me, you don't want to drink water that has not been treated with >either chlorine or ozone.

I would certainly agree with the above. However RoseLea's point about
"other" contaminants is valid. Here in the midwest there are often
significant levels of nitrates in public water supplies and wells (from
farm run-off, erosion, etc). Sometimes the levels are so high that
certain groups of people (ex. pregnant women, people with chronic
diseases) are urged not to drink the water. Drinking bottled water is
not necessarily any better as often times those "fresh spring" sources
really just come from a municipal water source elsewhere.  Also the
taste can be pretty nasty (although filters can often help). 
All of that aside, everyone (d or not) probably SHOULD be drinking more
water, less pop, but I doubt an occasional pop (diet or reg) is going to
be significantly more harmful than an occasional cookie or steak or any
number of other things many of us like to eat. I'm sure most of us would
admit there are any number of things we SHOULD be doing but don't always
seem to get done...(for example, I SHOULD be writing chapter 9 of my
thesis, but here I am surfing the IP list)   :-)
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