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Jim wrote:

>>I'm not sure what you mean by loading the water with chlorine.  <<

Jim, depends on where you live.  Our municipal water supply comes from
wells, which are contain high levels of sulfur.  The City goes through
chlorine like it is water, and they also use hydrogen peroxide, and then
phosphates to try to correct the ph of the water which gets lowered from all
the chlorine added to the water.  I have been to cities where, if I smell
the water in the glass that is served to me, I don't know whether to drink
it or do the back stroke in it.  So, while the residual is reportedly low,
(and we tend to run it as high as is allowable by the state because of the
sulfur content of OUR water), it's still there.  I'm not saying the water is
not safe to drink, I'm just saying it's not so "pure and natural" as Peter
would like us to believe.  And I think that it's bad to criticize someone
for not looking for the "health food" items because it's easier for them not
to.  There are items sold in "health food stores" that may not be proven to
be safe either.  There is bad in everything in our world today, just as
there is good.  And, we all must make our own choices to decide what we want
to consume, and not criticize each other for our choices.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years....

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