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[IP] Re: Frozen shoulders

Regarding the recent discussion on frozen shoulders:

I had one on both sides, about two years apart. In both cases, I had the
shoulder joints "manipulated." This is an extreme version of "move it
through where it hurts," except it hurts so badly that the surgeon does it,
and puts you under general anesthetic first. It's non-invasive, though. It
certainly breaks those old adhesions! Then I followed by having my arm kept
up horizontal in a strange harness for a couple weeks, then several weeks of
physical therapy.

Don't know if this was the best therapy for me, but it worked. I'm not back
to where I was twenty years ago, but who among us is? And they haven't
frozen up again. Of course, now I'm under better control than I was
pre-pump, but they didn't re-freeze even while I was under MDI for several
years, and my control at that point was _not_ getting better!

Just another method of treatment, I guess.

--Keith Johnson
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