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Re: [IP] Eve on the Continuous Glucose Monitor

<< I would like to know if there is anything I should know before she starts on
the monitor. >>

I wore the monitor last December. The hardest part for me was that you
cannot take it off for showers. Make sure they give you some of those
shower bags that you hang around your neck. 

As for operating the monitor, she'll need to tell it what her meter says
her bg is each time she does a finger-stick test. She'll also have to enter
a code each time she eats or boluses. The buttons on the monitor are
labeled "SEL" and "ACT" just like the MM pump. If she uses a MM pump, the
routine will be very easy for her to learn. If she uses a Disetronic, don't
worry, it isn't complicated to learn the button sequences.

Good luck... I hope you get some valuable data!!

Mary Jean

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