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juice contains carbs.. and some of us are limited to # of carbs per meal... 
and i don't WANT to gice up 30 g of carbs for a drink of juice when I want to 
eat a sandwich... we shouldn't have to question if diet is diet.. if you 
smoke, a cig is a cig regardless of the brand.. some taste different, true, 
but all contain basically the same things.  Water is great, but I like 
caffiene, I like sodas and I'm not changing my ways just because Pepsi or 
Coke can't keep their retailers instructed on the correct way of attaching 
hoses to the fountains... so some of us like those "bad" drinks once in 
awhile... we need to band together and fight "the big guys".. its attitudes 
like "well, i just won't drink the stuff anymore" or "I'll just not buy it 
anymore" that let's these big corporations get away with poor businesss 
practices.. I'm a nurse in a coronary care unit.. If a pt is ordered morphine 
and I give demorol "because the bottles look the same and they're both pain 
killers" that's not an acceptable excues.. niether should switching the hoses 
on soft drink canisters... I realize pop isn't as critical, but my brian 
couldn't think of another analysis... 
sorry to ramble, but corporate america gets on my LAST nerve.
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