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[IP] Bolusing for protein & fat

> From: Melissa Collins <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Bolusing For Proteins/Fats
> I have been noticing some posts about bolusing for
> proteins and fats in meals.
> <snip>, remember this list's favorite
> saying: YMMV.  :-) ... my CDE has me
> bolusing if I have 4 or more oz. of protein at a time
> in one meal.  I do this because I was told that
> approximately 58% of protein turns into carbohydrates.
><snip> After all, YMMV!  :-)
> Melissa Collins

The "Counting Carbohydrates" booklet that came with my MiniMed 507c states
exactly what Melissa posted. Check out pages 3,4, & 5.
Jan H

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