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[IP] zero tolerance and diabetes......

There are a lot of parents of children with diabetes on this list.

Getting philosophical again....

Generally we are told when diagnosed that you can lead a normal life
with diabetes.

As children get older they are literally given the responsibility for
their lives. And told to be prepared for "anything" (exaggeration).  And
they may get to the point of saying OK, I can do this.......

AND then the "system" (school, job, individuals, or ?) are saying "you
can't do that here!!!!!".   And THEY wonder why YOU are "over-reacting"
to the "rules".

And then we fight them with other rules. OR hide what we are doing. OR
find ways around the rules. OR, OR, OR........

With the intensity that goes into this, a person might think that
someone's life was being threatened!        Guess what?    IT

In the extreme, might a child believe (or start to) that the "RULES" are
more important than their lives?........... (sad I even thought of that

I hope not! (and I can't stick my head deep enough in the sand to
believe it!!!!!)

Probably stirring a pot that isn't in the kitchen.

Your feelings to this are neither right or wrong.  They are simply that

For me, it is sometimes too much to to look at my feelings........ The
more I practice the easier it becomes.......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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