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Re: [IP] testing diet sodas

If your not sure if the strip will confirm your suspicions just mix up a few
different sweeteners at home and drip some on your strips or dip sticks.
That's an easy way to confirm whether they will or will not expose a
particular sugar. Most dip sticks/strips react with glucose concentrations,
sweeteners such as table sugar are sucrose, a different form of sugar
molecule. Of course you'll still have to know what sweetener or lack thereof
is in the soda/beverage you purchase, which brings us back to the labeling
of the product. By law manufacturers have to accurately label their products
or face recalls and penalties. If you find a misbranded product please
notify the proper authorities, i.e.. the federal FDA. Restaurants that make
their own beverages up (ice tea, lemonade, etc.)  are exempted from these
and most other labeling laws, so you will have to ask, taste or test. Good

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