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Subject: [IP] In Charge Meeter

The InCharge is made by LXN corp, and compares pretty well to the Fast Take
in size, speed and accuracy.  Plus, the glucoprotein test is analagous to
the test for hemoglobin A1c; that is, it is a long term glucose test
measuring overall, as opposed to spot, control.

I have received two free meters; one from an LXN representative, the second
at Wal-Mart when I purchased a box of test strips.  I would imagine such
promotions are ongoing.

>I recently received a direct mailing from In Charge Diabetic Control
>They were promoting a meter which measures GlucoProtein (fructosamin). It
>supposed to give a two-three week glucose average. It is not to be used
>instead of regular bg testing, but in addition to bg testing. I was
>if anyone out there has one of these meters and if it is worth the $79.


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