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Re: [IP] dawn and dusk phenoms?

geneva needs more insulin as soon as she gets up...but we are now finding
that from about 10 am until school gets out at 3...she requires a bit less
basal.  (.4 instead of .5)

back from endo this am.  working on a new "plan".

the team said that geneva is probably not experiencing dusk phen..  they
think I should up her carb ratio instead of basals at night.    so, we are
going to bring her basal DOWN  from 1.2 to .5, which is her all day level,
and INCREASE her carb ratio from 1:30 to 1:20 at dinner/bedtime for next few
days just to see.

I will be curious as to whether this will solve our problem.   I will be
glad if it does...as this will help alot when she goes off to outdoor ed /
camp.  if she is on a nice steady .5 until 2 am when she drops,  then I
won't worry about having to test her at midnight.  the team also mentioned
that we should not be having to test at this time.  so..I will keep everyone
apprised of this situation.


> low from not 2-3
> > am but from 11-1 am!  >as soon as he gets up and
> > moving(no food) they start to rise again

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