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i think it looks like a silhouette it is from disetronic
we use the rapids goes in like a injection syringe and the needle stays in 
the skin
10 yr old says she can't feel it go in or once it is in there and no "big 
hole" when removed either comes with different lengths of needles we use 6 mm 
mostly but have 8 mm also.
she uses her arms and tummy and occ butt, has used thighs but each time blood 
backed up in the tubing and had to replace it but other than that worked fine.
i have asked mini med for their softserter as that is what our endo asked me 
to do.
she didn't like the tenders after several tries with them hurt to go in and 
long long needle comes out and the catheter that stays in made her skin sore 
and left big hole in her that took long time to heal.
just my .02 worth,

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