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<<<<<<<From: "Peter Wellin" <email @ redacted>
> PepsiCo, Coke,
>Procter and Gamble, Phillip Morris, virtually any big corporation doesn't
>care about the HEALTH of its consumers.  They care about profits...the
>bottom line.
	But Peter, why do you think there is any difference between a big
corp and a small health food company?  That old health food company (or at
least the one that survives) is as capitalistic as P&G.   And P&G
executives have families who have to eat too.

<There are people
<who believe that eating anything made with bleached flour is tantamount to
<eating poison because not only is the flour devoid of any nutrients, it has
<been BLEACHED!  More refined foods change the way we think and the way we
<People with diabetes thrive on foods that are more complex...closer to their
<natural state...more "natural."  Everyone does.  No question: it's NOT
	There are also people who also believe that aliens actually landed
in Roswell, NM.  Our beliefs and faiths are fine as long as we don't forget
that they are beliefs.  The fact is that all carbohydrates, bleached or
otherwise, enter the blood as pure glucose.  They cannot get in any other
way.  If you believe that refined foods change the way we think, then maybe
they already have.  But the way we think doesn't change the way
carbohydrates are absorbed.   I'm not sure that complex foods are closer to
my natural state.  My ancient ancestors didn't even cook their food.   And
the diabetics who were around then all died young!

<After withdrawal, you'll feel better...and O.K.: splurge on some of the
<really good (natural) stuff once in a while.

	Here its YMMV as usual.  All I can say is that diet Sunkist orange
soda really makes me feel quite good!  :-)

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