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[IP] another pump dinasour: welcome

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000 you ("Harvey Esto" <email @ redacted> )

>I was in the pump research 
>program from 1980 to 1985 at Ohio State university.with 
>the auto syringe pump. 

Hi.  I started on the AutoSyringe pump back in June of '80 also!
 I moved up with each advance and am now awaiting my Minimed
508 pump (currently have a 507c)  ((How I get to upgrade to each
new version is a story in itself, but leave that for another

I am very curious.  Do you still HAVE any of the original AutoSyringe
pumps around??  If you do I would like to borrow one (or more)
of them and/or other older stuff.  I'd love to put together a
few pages on history of pumping (I think the current pump users
would love to know how we used to set the basal rates by diluting
the insulin) (and how we used to 'create' teflon catheters from
IV caths and luer lock extension tubes)

ANyway: welcome to the list.  This list has been a source of
great info for me and many others and I hope you enjoy and learn
from your membership.  I am sure another long term pumper on
the list will also add to the knowledge base.

Yerachmiel Altman 

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