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Re: [IP] Help, Please! (parents of toddlers)

When I started on MDI, my doc had me do several 
injections of saline first to get used to sticking a 
needle in myself.  They said they used saline ratherthan 
regular water because regular water had a habbit of 
stinging as it went in... well the SALINE STUNG TOO... 
appearantly some people are sensitive to it, while most 
aren't.  What basal rates of saline was the pump set 
for?  If it's set on 0.1u/hr it'll deliver 0.1 units on 
hour increments (not 0.1/60 u/min as would be even 
cooler).  It could be that when he's saying "ouch" 
that's the 0.1 step kicking in and striking a nerve or 
somesuch. (SWAG)

-Sara G.

> I started out with saline and DID NOT use it very 
long.  For me, every time
> I
> would bolus (don't remember about the basal) it would 
sting.  Ever get salt
> on
> an open cut or sore?
> I can think of one way to check if it's the saline but 
Kenny might not like
> it.
> Suspend the delivery of the saline for a while and see 
if he has a problem
> with
> the site.  Later give him a bolus of saline and see if 
it hurts him.
> Personally my week of saline lasted about 2 days.....
> Jim S
> email @ redacted

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