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Re: [IP] Help, Please! (parents of toddlers)


I started out with saline and DID NOT use it very long.  For me, every time I
would bolus (don't remember about the basal) it would sting.  Ever get salt on
an open cut or sore?

I can think of one way to check if it's the saline but Kenny might not like it.
Suspend the delivery of the saline for a while and see if he has a problem with
the site.  Later give him a bolus of saline and see if it hurts him.

Personally my week of saline lasted about 2 days.....

Jim S
email @ redacted

ronjewel wrote:

> Kenny (age 3 ) got hooked up with saline last night.  We used the micro soft
> set.  He was doing fine, when all of a sudden he would stop what he was
> doing and say "ouch".  Then he would walk around kind of hunched over. After
> a while he would be fine again. This went on for a while.  I decided to see
> how he made it through the night with it. ( He didn't want me to take it
> out, yet.)  This morning he said that it hurt sometimes. He was ready to
> take it out , so I did.  I have no doubt that it did hurt him....he wasn't
> faking (as he sometimes likes to be dramatic)  My question is.....What sets
> do most little ones use?  Was it just a "bad " place that I put it?  We
> aren't going to give up, yet.  We have an appointment on the 20th to go
> "Live" and I would like to know what to do before that. Thanks in advance.
> Jewel Coffey
> email @ redacted

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