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Re: [IP] In Charge Meeter

I got the meter last week -- for $13 total -- as a healthcare professional.

The manual suggests a weekly fructosamine test, which tells you what your control has been over the last two-three weeks. The ratings are good, intermediate and poor.

The value I see is that you'll know sooner rather than later what you can expect on your next A1c, as well as how good your control really is. I find it so easy to "toss out" those few highs, especially when they last for a while.

I'd say get it if you intend to change things like basals or eating/exercise habits based on the test results. If you're not willing to do that, then it's probably a waste of money, since you'll eventually get an A1c.

My kit included four or five strips -- haven't checked on prices for them yet. As with every other meter, I expect them to be expensive.

Diane  (Type II 8/85  pumper 9/99)

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